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She danced for 10 years and travelled everywhere competing. She decided her dancing days were done and took up the clarinet. Her exposure to music through dance and movement and her ability to sight read music enabled her to learn at twice the pace as everyone else.

Yellows and Rainbows

Maggie, the white cat Yawns softly Rests on my tummy And sleeps. I stroke her fur. Feeling yellows And rainbows In my ribcage. I smile. The yellows And rainbows. They were blurred images Of memories I haven’t visited In awhile. Please support us by liking and sharing:1213

Siyam dapat

Tumatakbo.. Kahit saan man patungo Tumatakbo.. Sa lugar na hindi sigurado Tumatakbo.. Kasabay ng ikot ng mundo Binabalewala ang pagod Tumatakbo.. Baka sakali makalimot kahit paano.. Huminto ako, umupo. Bumuntong hininga at tumingala sa langit.. Nagtatanong sa isip, at kumakapa sa puso kung naroon pa din ang sakit.. Dalawang taon Read more…


If after some time you forget about the things we’ve done, Look back at the memories we created as one. While with doubts and fears of a novice artist Together we chose to say that yes, we can do this! If after a week you can no longer remember the Read more…


Can we get out of this maze our hearts are intertwined into? Lost in the reverie of you. I don’t know what’s in you that makes me reach out for more. I am lost in these myriads of faces. Something in me craves your touch, your undying devotion, your undivided attention. Read more…