the ugly writers

A Christmas Bout

Before I could get to the stairs Santa appeared in front of the fire place. He dropped his bag, it hit the floor with a soft thud, almost inaudible. A soft groan escaped his lips as he placed the palm…
the ugly writers

Cocaine in the Soda

I don't want to miss out anymore. I don't want to have a perfect house and life that looks like I have my act together when I am not able to enjoy life as it passes me by.


Her heart failed worked on her sixty minutes his decision, brought her back wasting on a ventilator on the clipboard
Mom theuglywriters

Where Have You Been MOM?

As I am writing this, tears are falling and all I have is just a stick of a cigarette and a cup of coffee while listening to my favorite song ‘Buses and Trains’ by Bachelor Girl because damn, I feel…

Ikaw ang bida, Nanay !

Para kanino nga ba ang araw na ito? Sino nga ba siya sa buhay mo? Sa buhay ko? Ano nga ba ang gampanin niya sa buhay natin? Nanay, Inay, Mama, Momsy, Mother, Mommy, Mudra. Para sa iyo ang araw na…