This is the letter you will never get to read. If I could have those days again, I surely would have done better so you would stay longer. It was everyday that I wished you talked to me more often because I kept on holding back. I was afraid to seem too interested in you […]

One-Woman Resistance Movement t...

Meeting new people without exerting that much effort just yet is made easy; thanks to social media and dating apps where we take to. Men and women sign up for an account, create a profile, upload photos, and proceed with the fundamentals of online dating. Whatever setup both parties establish beyond the brief getting to know […]

Our Horizon

Hi, have we met before? Maybe not. Maybe not yet. Either you are not yet in the horizon, or you have been just around the corner the whole time but you have not come to take notice of me in a special way. I hope to meet you soon. I can patiently wait for that […]

In Time

More often than not, all it takes is a string of troubles in our lives to happen first before something significant comes along. We ultimately will get to the best part, the question however is when. Expediting things is rather tempting; we recklessly decide and execute. If the outcome is not what we have conceived […]

This Inadequacy

When we fall in love, we do not quantify. We do not calibrate or premeasure how much of us we are going to stake at the proverbial game of love. We give it our all; we do not stop at anything. We devote our time and resources because love itself is an investment. But in […]

My 5PM Sober Thoughts

This time of the day, specifically on lazy weekends, is when I like to peek outside and gaze at the orange-blended skies ushering the dusk. You know for certain that the Sun is setting gracefully in the western horizon. Not too hot and humid nor too cold, the laid back ambiance of dusk is close […]