Dalawang Daan

Dalawang Daan is a poem written by Mary-Ann Bellong and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Stuck with Memories for the month of October   Dalawang Daan   Dalawang daan Halagang aking hiniling Pambayad sa edukasyon Pandagdag ng…

the ugly writers

Intoxicated by The Darkness

Intoxicated with the night air, you feel like you could do anything and you wouldn't be judged. So you do. You sit in the middle of the road, you do handstands, and you let loose. It feels like you've been embraced by a warm blanket that is cool to the touch.
the ugly writers

Gypsy Cabin Blues

Holding tight to her green and arid sierra shawls, she peers over a fresco valley set in leprechaun gold. Like a megalithic Buddha she rests on a boulder's shoulder beneath a thulian sky lit by a gingerline disco sun.

I miss her

I miss her. Good old Facebook took me down memory lane today. It brought up a video a friend made of me from high school. It’s pretty embarrassing but for some reason, it made me incredibly emotional. I felt this…

Yellows and Rainbows

Maggie, the white cat Yawns softly Rests on my tummy And sleeps. I stroke her fur. Feeling yellows And rainbows In my ribcage. I smile. The yellows And rainbows. They were blurred images Of memories I haven’t visited In awhile.