the ugly writers

See Through the End

Change is constant, nothing's permanent. What's important is that we must know how to cope in these trying times. The ending does not necessarily mean we're doomed. Let's all get through the darkness until we see the light at the end of the tunnel.
the ugly writers


My last memory Is of a dandelion blown away squirrels running up a tree And ducks racing in a big pond
the ugly writers


Isang araw nakilala kita. Hindi na ako sanay pero ako’y buong pusong nagpakilala. Hindi pa ako handa pero ako’y nagpakita. Tapos kinilala ka pa. Nagbabakasakali lang naman.
the ugly writers


Now that she is halfway here, the distance decreases and, the giant saucer of the horizon doesn’t reach in, but flips itself knowingly.


Speak people, speak. Raise your voice to the highest peak. Wake up dear fools, our Government will not mourn for us But we’ll lament to know, they were the ones pulling the trigger toward us.
the ugly writers


I have always loved exploring.  Whether it is a building, a forest, a mountainside, it doesn't really matter to me.  If I haven't been there before, I will always want to see it.  I want to walk hills I haven't tread prior. I want to sit in the tall grasses and make braided crowns with my children.  I also want to walk where someone may have never walked before. Each adventure bears a story that should be shared.
the ugly writers

In This Lifetime

Some were suspecting her of hiding things or planning something behind the royal family's back but it was not because of that. Aggy was already tired being reincarnated several times and ended up dying. She strived so hard in her past life but in the end, it was all the same, she will be killed by those people she trusted or will fall into the traps set up by her comrades. She was tired of it. She honestly just wanted to end the cycle.