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Midnight Train to Georgia

I like people watching. Not in a perverted way but in the creative sense that I could think of a thousand storylines for them. I would see a man on his phone talking about a girl and I know that this week would be special for him.

Why we write ugly

Writing has always been a reflection of one’s self. Writing ugly doesn’t necessarily mean one has poor writing skills or is uneducated or unlearned. Instead, writing ugly means that the writer ignores any semblance of form and reason, of aesthetics, and just goes to convey what he/she truly believes in.  Read more…

On the edge

Pushed to my limits, I stand on the edge. To stay or let go, I’m not sure, I don’t know. Torn between two lovers, With whom should I go? With the one I have known, Or the one newly found? I’ve got time on my hands, But not for so Read more…