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How can I find peace and happiness?

“How can I find peace and happiness?” Dear Mona, Have you considered the problem in the question itself? If we believe we have to “find” something, that means we have to “look” for whatever it is, and that in turn means or implies we don’t have it. If you were to have peace and happiness,…

Angry(‘s) Thoughts On Relationships

Relationships are freaking hard. And it’s not because I’m necessarily speaking from experience. This is based purely on observation. Good relationships, bad relationships – all of them are HARD.

grand scheme

From Sadness to The Magnificent Grand Scheme

In this understanding of the necessity of how things are, there is also the full understanding of how the unpleasant, of how negative consequence and such, are also a part of the system.


More Bushmen Stories – Part 2

Seeing Luis lying there in obvious distress, I realized what I had done. Never before had I seen the actual physical effects of anger on another. The Bushmen were open when it came to feelings. Not only incoming but also they used feeling as a way of perceiving the world.


More Bushmen Stories – Part 1

Dear Friend and I were walking along one of the dirt roads, on the private game ranch, where we had a restaurant. Making our way to the manager’s office a pickup truck approached us. A marvelous sound came from the back of it. Happy joyful fun sounds.

New beginning of a dead end!

Yesterday, I needed a guy to work at my site urgently, like it was really really urgent for me to have one more guy before the next day’s morning otherwise I would have faced a great loss for no good. This one guy who already works with me already had a guy in his contact who was looking for some work lately. So I told my guy to come with me to the city later in the evening and introduce me to him.

Universal Truth and Accepted Truth

We live in the era where there are two kinds of “truth”. The first, universal truth, is what is indeed right, correct and valid. The other one, the accepted truth, is the kind of option where people are more comfortable with

Private Impeccability

A Global Telepathic Network What if such a system might already exist, and has existed for a long time?  But, think of the internet in your mind, potentially massively problematic. Telepathy is the psychic phenomena by which communication occurs between minds, or mind-to-mind communication Thus, any telepathic network is going to require the utmost integrity, honesty,…

Desiderata and Errata Part 2

Desiderata and Errata pt 2

By Syl Dinada

Desiderata and Errata Part 1

Desiderata and Errata

By Syl Dinada



By Ana of 2 Around the Globe

Why Are Our Dreams So Small?

Why are our dreams so small

By Jackie Hauer