Great Buy or Not? – SJ5000x Elite Action Cam

As a photographer and videographer, what I value the most is the output and endurance of every gadget I buy, however I am also a very practical person, hence I look for the cheap ones and yet still display a grand output, an immense endurance and for sure is worthy to buy. So, here’s my take…

The Sensei that I Miss

Tools Used: 4B, 5B, 3B, Charcoal Dark and Medium Paper: Corona Sketchpad Finished: 4-17-2016

My Hidden Paradise

During our trip to Bohol and Cebu way back 2010 I guess (cant really remember) we weren’t able to go at Panglao since time was very limited for us as we need also to go to Cebu and also the weather was not very good at that time. But, during our stay in Bohol some…

Sunset at Punta Fuego

  This was taken last year at Punta Fuego, Batangas Camera Used: Mobile Phone

The Greenery

Trees that are so green like this are very refreshing to look at, it calms the heart, the soul and the mind. Camera Used: Canon Digital Camera

The Ant

Camera Used: Canon Digital Camera

A rose is… A rose

Camera used: iPhone 7 plus Effect: Depth of Field


Camera Used: Mobile Phone Camera

Hello, Flower

Camera Used: Canon Digital Camera

I’m a Biscuit, I’m a Star

Camera Used: Canon Digital Camera

Dancing Shadows

Camera Used: Mobile Camera Phone

Kyle’s peek-a-boo

Camera Used: Sony Digital Camera Taken Last: 05/19/2012