If I Were Alice Today

If I were Alice today, I would rewrite Alice in Wonderland to start not by Alice falling down a rabbit’s hole to be one where Alice stumbles upon an overly filtered plastic human with zero verbal and moral filters.
the ugly writers


When I saw you, I felt something inexplicable. It’s as to how the universe is perfectly aligned. But no, I don’t love you.
the ugly writers

Love and Work, Yin and Yang

Being in a relationship is like having a job. Good and bad meet, mix, mingle and ferment. It takes turns you never expected when you joined the “team.” There are times it seems like the best place in the world, heaven on earth. Nothing lasts forever, though.

The Winter Cabin

ive years together and this is what we had come to. Silence while eating grilled cheese and tomato soup at the table in the cabin’s kitchen.

Learn To Ignore!

gnore those who are there just to criticise, As long as you're strong and know how to rise, The ridicule of others is nothing but words.
the ugly writers

I Died The Day I Confessed To You

I thought that would be the last time I would see him, but that was just the beginning. I would often see him in my part time jobs lingering somewhere. I know it was him because of his silhouette and because that was my past life's job.
the ugly writers

Songs On Obsession

I grab the paper cigar box and rattle it around to see if something’s left Turing up the radio Walking towards the kitchen I need coffee now This is how I wake up