Broken with Regret

Broken with Regret

I wish I could tell you what a coward you are. I wish I could tell you that you didn't break my heart but you broke my spirit somehow. It's no use pointing fingers I brought this on myself. But I wish you knew.
00:00 hours

00:00 Hours

I made it at 00:00. Since there are no deafening sounds from monsters trying to destroy me. There is no light bulb forcing me to write about you. Lastly, I made it since my soul endures the pain without you.
songs of the dead

Songs of the dead

Their wise songs have gone, dashed against cliffs. Wiping off dewdrops from grass lips, the day stretches till its grayness splits. A bird sings from a branch. Both are plastic.
if only

IF Only

If only we can be true to ourselves And say what is in our hearts Then maybe we could say That we are truly happy and free If only we can be strong and brave In wearing our hearts in…