Poems by Binibining E

Your heart in my hand

I wish to take away all your pain and your worries. I wish to hold your hand and never let them go. I wish to warm up your hands whenever they’re cold. I wish to stay up all night, watch the stars, coffee in hand with you by my side. I wish to put a smile on […]

How can He

These are questions I wanted to ask…

Me and my so-called Paper Heart

Me and my so-called Paper Heart

Morning Breeze

The unruly and uncombed hair. The aroma of the brewed coffee in the air. My thoughts are running wild. The sun is up and smiling wide. I can read a book or two. Just here waiting for you. Today is such a bright and lovely day. Good vibes are coming your way. Please God, take […]


She’s the epitome of every guys’ nightmare. She’s different. She’s insecure. She feels unpretty all the time. She’s jealous every time you talk about “her” but she still listens. She looks at you but retreats whenever you look back. She thinks of you like you’re the most important person in the whole world. She laughs […]


I wish you knew that you can make me happy. I wish you feel it every time I talk to you. I wish I could tell you how much I like you. I wish you’ll feel the same way too. I wish someday I can be with you. I wish you knew that I think […]

Babae: Oo at Hindi by LAS Pahin...

Lagi ka lang bang mahina?  Hindi! Ang mata ay laging puno ng luha? Hindi! Laging mababa sa tingin ng kapwa? Hindi! Bawal magsalita at lagi lang magpapakumbaba? Hindi! Ilaw ka ng tahanan? Oo! Gabay ka ng kabataan? Oo! Puso mo ay laging pinaglalaban? Oo! Matatag ka sa saya man or kahirapan? Oo! Babae kang magpunyagi! […]

Let’s Hold Hands

Let’s hold hands while we are young and free. Let’s hold hands while we enjoy the sunrise and the sunset amidst chaos and war Let’s hold hands while we weep and struggle with life Let’s hold hands and share the quietness life showers us in the middle of the night   Let’s hold hands and […]


I feel like I am losing you. I feel like Im losing myself too. The thought of me staying just because I couldn’t live without you I couldn’t breathe without you. Struggling between me leaving and me staying. I am drowning with your presence But my presence was drowning with the unknown It should have […]

One Day Soon

While you are enjoying the company of others. Here I am for the nth time thinking if you will ever think of me. While you are busy ignoring me. You’re teaching me how to forget you. While you are busy not noticing my existence. You are teaching me how to move on from you. While […]

Masakit pa din ba? by [B]

Masakit pa din ba? Sabi nila pag masakit pa mahal mo pa. Pero hindi ba pwedeng kaya nalang masakit kasi narerealize mong sa maling tao mo inubos yung oras at panahon mo? Masakit pa… Pero hindi dahil mahal ko pa sya.   Credits to the owner: [B] / R from Skout    

Perfect Trigger

Tick Tock Tick Tock My body is like this clock Ready to explode with just your touch You are the trigger Your body in mine makes me quiver I feel like a time bomb Igniting slowly as your body fits perfectly with mine. Tick Tock Tick Tock Our bodies always locked.