Growing up without you is hard, I used to envy others who would go out and play with their fathers. I used to think why can't I do that. Because you were taken away from me too early.
Love Me the ugly writers

Love Me

what's the use of dreaming one thing I'm sure it's true at least in my dreams I'm feeling that someday you'll love me too


Pinangarap at inasam na makaharap ka ngunit sadyang dikta ng panahon na ilayo ka. Lumipas ang ilang taon na araw araw kausap ka, kakwentuhan ka, ngunit wala sa isip mo na ako'y nabibighani na sayo.

Your heart in my hand

I wish to take away all your pain and your worries. I wish to hold your hand and never let them go. I wish to warm up your hands whenever they’re cold. I wish to stay up all night, watch the stars,…

Morning Breeze

The unruly and uncombed hair. The aroma of the brewed coffee in the air. My thoughts are running wild. The sun is up and smiling wide. I can read a book or two. Just here waiting for you. Today is…


She’s the epitome of every guys’ nightmare. She’s different. She’s insecure. She feels unpretty all the time. She’s jealous every time you talk about “her” but she still listens. She looks at you but retreats whenever you look back. She…


I wish you knew that you can make me happy. I wish you feel it every time I talk to you. I wish I could tell you how much I like you. I wish you’ll feel the same way too.…