Let’s Hold Hands

Let’s hold hands while we are young and free. Let’s hold hands while we enjoy the sunrise and the sunset amidst chaos and war Let’s hold hands while we weep and struggle with life Let’s hold hands and share the quietness life showers us in the middle of the night Read more…


I feel like I am losing you. I feel like Im losing myself too. The thought of me staying just because I couldn’t live without you I couldn’t breathe without you. Struggling between me leaving and me staying. I am drowning with your presence But my presence was drowning with Read more…

One Day Soon

While you are enjoying the company of others. Here I am for the nth time thinking if you will ever think of me.

While you are busy ignoring me. You’re teaching me how to forget you.

While you are busy not noticing my existence. You are teaching me how to move on from you.

While you are busy flirting with different girls. You are teaching me how to free myself from you.

One day my mind will just stop thinking of you
One day my whole being will stop missing you.
One day my heart will just stop from loving you.

One day I will move on and will forget that you ever existed.

One day soon, I’ll be over you.


Perfect Trigger

Tick Tock Tick Tock My body is like this clock Ready to explode with just your touch You are the trigger Your body in mine makes me quiver I feel like a time bomb Igniting slowly as your body fits perfectly with mine. Tick Tock Tick Tock Our bodies always Read more…


I miss you, like the empty bottles missing its own content I miss you, like the bakery who runs out of bread at night I miss you, like the clown who goes home at night alone I miss you, like the kids who roam around all day but doesn’t have Read more…

MALAYA by LAS Pahinas

Iniibig kitang malaya Malaya tulad ng ihip ng hangin sa lupa Wala man ito sa aking mga salita Sanay ramdam mo sa aking gawa Nasanay na nang walang kapalit Ang damdaming tinatagong pilit Pangalan mo tuwina ang sambit Nasanay na ikaw hanggang pagpikit Maling sabihin nilalaman ng puso Kahit alam Read more…


Can we get out of this maze our hearts are intertwined into? Lost in the reverie of you. I don’t know what’s in you that makes me reach out for more. I am lost in these myriads of faces. Something in me craves your touch, your undying devotion, your undivided attention. Read more…


It is creeping in like a shadow in the night The words I wanted to say remains like a still moonlight. Why do I feel heaviness inside of me? Why do I feel like I am going to burst like a balloon filled with water? As if watching you be Read more…