Poems by Knewton

Ballad for Ripe Ladies

Vines no longer hold us. We are too ripe, to rich to swing. Ripe women fall. We release the vine because it can no longer claim us Succulent, dripping with nectar, heavy for the bite. We smile at the taut young fruit, admiring it’s pluckability but desirous of our own ripening. We ripe ladies harbor […]

I am Dying

I weaken in my sleep my limbs thicken my breasts shrivel teats tender still My back breaks cracks appear as wrinkles My skin bakes and sloughs of time’s wakening My head leans I sleep more and more now My hips slip softly deeper into loam’s embrace My lashes weep tears of thanks My neck bows and […]

Poems by Kimberlynne Darby Newt...

Hello, I’m Kim. I write poetry, erotica and prose. Here are a few selections from Anthem, my upcoming book of Protest, Poetry and Passion, my upcoming book of erotic. Hope you enjoy. Sisters I speak to Original Woman. Stripped of skin down to an African beating heart. I remember you. Huddled around ancient fires. Strong […]

Anthem: Protest Poetry

FOREWORD Anthem is my fight song. A response to the cruelties manifesting towards the poor, the “other” and the weak. Two strokes in 2013 robbed me of my life’s work, my ability to care for protect my son, mobility and a life of well, pain. I’ve never been happier and more fulfilled. New limitations forced […]