the ugly writers


In the dimly lit corridors Between the two realms Of sleep and consciousness Are lost in the cruel haze of wakefulness
the ugly writers


With days that pass, every hug that you miss seems a great loss Like a prisoner in chains, or a culprit behind bars No nights go by without looking at the sky full of stars
the ugly writers


Just sing a happy song in public With words you can't recall Even if it's all wrong. What with the secret heartache You carry within Forget about him and move on Never look back
the ugly writers


My last memory Is of a dandelion blown away squirrels running up a tree And ducks racing in a big pond


REVENGE is a poem written and shared by Maryam H. Viqar for The Ugly Writers with the theme Stuck! for the month of February.   REVENGE   Words Carved with rusty blades From icy slabs To be Gulped down Drowned…