I can barely open my eyes And the rectangular lamps that hang above me, promptly providing light are only making it worse The loud bantering of people nearby are like a series of thunder in a sudden downpour I want to just crawl, hide, cowl in the darkness Take a deep sought-after breath, close my… Read More


I wake up and my hands wake up with me I work, and yes, they work with me The right writes endless strokes and dotted lines Smoothly glides the tip of my pen against the vast white paper on my desk It turns every page I lay my eyes on And closes anything that needs… Read More

No More

I don’t think you have even the slightest idea How much I hurt How difficult it is to move on from the past Because the pain, the pain you caused persists No matter how many times I try and pick myself up The countless times I tried to disguise tears with laughter And the endless… Read More


I gaze upon a bed of darkness Only when I squint do I see a bit of twinkling Each glitter a reminder of dreams and hopes Each weak flicker whispering to take a firm grip and hold on. I stretch and reach for one, as if it were near I take hold and open my… Read More


Have you ever done something you never really wanted Been with someone you never really cared for Been anywhere you didn’t want to be in Stuck at a situation But still go through with it? Simply because you have no choice So you do it You stick around You stay You try every single day… Read More


I thought we were on our way to something wonderful — Something grand Something beautiful.   All of a sudden, I wake up to a new day with you gone. Just like that — Like the days and weeks before were nothing but my imagination. Text messages and call logs are all I have left… Read More


I stand in the middle of a field Endless tall greens surround me I feel the cool chill of the wind brush on my face I close my eyes and hear the leaves whisper I have no clue where to go, or what to do, and how to start Do I walk, do I run… Read More


Girl, there’s nothing wrong if you shed those tears You are only human And as strong as you aim to be You also feel hurt, you feel pain But try not to cry for too long Don’t sit in a corner and stay Cry, and when you’re done When the last drop of tear has… Read More


What if the world you’ve known all your life isn’t real? And everything was just a scheme — A movie-like sequence that keeps repeating — A scene full of re-telling, And runs through someone’s directing? I ask you, would you live your life differently? And pursue a new life intently? How would you escape this… Read More