Poems by The Crazed New Yorker

Tonight I Confess My Love For Y...

Tonight I Confess My Love For You

By The Crazed New Yorker


I never thought of what you could do with your hands. For what seems like an eternity of love turns out to be just another summer love affair to you. In that eternity that I call, I used to stare and hold your right hand. I was always fascinated by the marvels that it made. […]

The Drought Was The Very Worst

The drought was the very worst. It was an era filled with love, with passion. Yet it all ended in a drought. A summer was all we wanted, to let all of our flowers bloom and grow. But no. What we had was a drought. All I wanted for myself was to reach my goals […]


You never gave me a glimpse of your scar. Just like an ink in a piece of paper, it was permanent. Final. A piece of torn skin mended by time. Still, a permanent reminder of something that had been gruesome. I never understood why you never made me look at it, even once. I do […]