i don’t know how, but a sudden jolt inside my heart tells me the melody of its song has changed

A bee stung itself

I wish to pretend I’m okay whenever you say ‘there’s no WE’ but deep down inside there’s an ocean stopping itself to form a tsunami. It’s like a breeze slapping me with cold reality. I’m like a bee stung with…

Just to be with you

Just To Be With You

As days come, I feel like I’m fading away in your life. Or is it you I’m losing around? Whichever will be, I want to hold you still with me.
If 3 years ago The Ugly Writers

If 3 years ago

Would the heavens allow us to meet in a different time in a different place other than in our time and in our universe? Could we exist in a different period because i’d still want us to meet and know each other?

If you don’t know I love you

If you don’t know I love you Watch the rain falls after a long summer time, when the flowers bloom again that add colors to the surrounding. Watch the sun sets every twilight and comes back every morning. It’s never…

Rain (dear)

I like it when you pour down From heaven to the ground And I’m listening to your sound Like a heartbeat I own. Funny, you come down Without intending to stay Like pain that will just go away And sometimes…

Dust in the wind

You are my favorite what ifs but maybes don’t guarantee a lifetime of feelings – nor does reality I am getting over the butterflies you’ve given  me. In all of a sudden those fireworks are now  ashes – flying away…


Second chance – they say it’s sweeter. But won’t it repeat the past? With the same people involved. Same attitude. We love redundancy except that we fall short with our inadequacy. We aren’t much yet for ourselves.  How can we…