Poems by The Ugly Writer

Never will

Never will I ever tire of you Never will I ever get used to not seeing you Never will I ever not find ways to see you Never will I ever fail to reach that hand of yours Never will I ever be not there for you if I can Never will I ever disappoint […]

Word Porn

Calm. Placid. The river of love rages with emotion. Yet at the surface it is still, unassuming. Serene. Cool breeze. The north wind. The blanket of assurance kept us warm. But we bask in the molten heat of passion. Fiery. Words unfold as emotions unfold. Entangled.  Juxtaposed.

Big Brown Eyes

It’s awesome how a typical monday changes whenever I’m with you. Without uttering a word, we giggle and laugh. Our worries and burdens disappear. I am known to be a man of many words, but if I am to explain how I feel around you, I become speechless You with that big brown eyes. A […]

Losing my grip

Held your hands and I let it go You promised the world and I didn’t know Had your love and blew you away You gave everything but still get treated this way Never realized I’m making you cry You made it work while I didn’t even try I was careless and wreckless and I wasn’t […]


The fire slowly burning the tip of my cigarette As every puff lessened it by a pinch – ​So is your fleeting scent.  The night is about to end, and with it comes  the promise of a new day.  I didn’t want to stop.  I didn’t want it to end.  Like cigarette, my memory of […]

Used to

​I stare blankly on people’s faces Everything now is alien to me I see hallow words written and saidUsed to think I’m good at those I eat lasagna and I cry insideWhat a stupid way of eating such I avoid places where I spent hours talking to you even if you weren’t there in the […]


​Can’t we not be like the old times?  Am I that easy to forget? Might there be a sliver of chance? Isn’t it time you address this? Longing for you – are youLonging for me too? End my confusionWith your decisionHow much I can take, I don’t knowAt most, I’m waiting – Trying – Assuming, […]


I wanted to be that person for you… The one that can make you proud The one that can make those tears stop I wanted to be with you… To warm you up during cold nights To share fastfood breakfasts on our peejays But none of these happened all for the reason you are no […]


​You break it and make it your own You rip me apart and mend anew Your love is a Rollercoaster of experience. I don’t know if I can stay – but I know I can’t let go.  Never will.  You are insane, so am I. Together, we don’t know if we can make a bright […]

Rhum and Coffee

​She can be rhum and coffee IntoxicatingRiveting She makes you feel alive,And in the brink of death She is rhum and coffeeThe darknessThe voidMy depressant She’s my rhum and coffeeMy 4am.My own little worldThe anti-depressant. She is my rhum as her words sing me to sleep … My coffee as I fear that when I […]

Sleeping with eyes wide open

​I ruined a good thing Why am I not surprised? I am used to getting sleepless waiting for your messages– when I get lucky, your voiceNow I am just sleepless –  staring at your inbox– but don’t have the guts, the strength to actually open and read it. ‘coz instead of remembering the warmth it […]