Hanggang dito na lang ba at sadyang paalam na? Bakit ganun diko tanggap na sa piling ko’y wala ka na

I Have A Dream the ugly writers

I Have A Dream

An inspiring poem sent by Lawson Elijah about youth, positivity and dreams.

Dalawang Saknong Para Sayo

A tagalog poem by Binibining E about falling in love and falling out of love entitled “Dalawang saknong para sa’yo”

When It’s Time

When it’s time You and I will wake up one day with a smile on our faces and a memory forever etched in our being.

Love Under The Moon

Chase me into the midnight sun and spoil me with your soft touch Let’s share a blanket under the heat of your presence inside this room.   By Valerie Estrella Deeply Chromatic

How can He

These are questions I wanted to ask…

Soda Fizz

Ambition is like the fizz in soda In more ways than one If you drink soda, you would know The effect of that fizz alone on your body It’s refreshing and surprising and it keeps the drink good Good for shelving for a really long time And so you put this carbon dioxide, this bad…



By Kathleen Lastimosa

I remember a Friend

I remember a friend

By Josh Jacob Ramos

Me and my so-called Paper Heart

Me and my so-called Paper Heart

Poems by Kimberlynne Darby Newton

Hello, I’m Kim. I write poetry, erotica and prose. Here are a few selections from Anthem, my upcoming book of Protest, Poetry and Passion, my upcoming book of erotic. Hope you enjoy. Sisters I speak to Original Woman. Stripped of skin down to an African beating heart. I remember you. Huddled around ancient fires. Strong…


It was a night of oblivion Obscurity and misconception. The sky painted with deep blue black With its flickering stars. The moon is hiding her beauty In the midst of dreary clouds. And I saw you in my paper When I am writing a poem. My eyes blurted Through lines and letters. And it turns…