Well of sorrow

I could remember how deep we were in-love. It was a well filled with love. Digging it deeper as days passed. But, an unexpected day came. You felt tired. The love we had slowly dried up.  And now the well is filled again. But not with love… it is filled with tears. And baby, I…


It’s a little smaller and a bit more expensive And the floors are vinyl wood tile not tightly wound carpet Everything from the old apartment fits in here except the double shelves My living room work tables (poetry binders, CDs) line the long not short wall And the queen-size bed has two sides touching walls…



Pinangarap at inasam na makaharap ka
ngunit sadyang dikta ng panahon na ilayo ka.
Lumipas ang ilang taon na araw araw
kausap ka, kakwentuhan ka,
ngunit wala sa isip mo na ako’y
nabibighani na sayo.