if only

IF Only

If only we can be true to ourselves And say what is in our hearts Then maybe we could say That we are truly happy and free If only we can be strong and brave In wearing our hearts in our sleeves Then maybe we could say We take the risk and walk free If…



Hanggang dito na lang ba at sadyang paalam na? Bakit ganun diko tanggap na sa piling ko’y wala ka na


When joy comes in your life Let it rest in your hand Like a dainty butterfly But hold it not As one day it will pass   When sorrow comes a-visiting Receive it with open heart Look at it with courage in your eyes But embrace it not As one day it will pass  …

You Lost Me

hanggang sa dulo the ugly writers

Hanggang sa Dulo

Another tagalog poem entry brought to you by Sir Eyyy entitled Hanggang sa Dulo (To the very End)

Dalawang Saknong Para Sayo

A tagalog poem by Binibining E about falling in love and falling out of love entitled “Dalawang saknong para sa’yo”

When It’s Time

When it’s time You and I will wake up one day with a smile on our faces and a memory forever etched in our being.


I am fitness blogger, but I also write poetry on the side. I have never shared my poetry publicly before, but I figured why not. So, here is one of many poems that I’ve written. Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you enjoy it. Time. “Time heals everything,” they say. Yet…

Shattered Fragments

I know you’re sad. All of a sudden you found yourself in an unfair situation — collecting all the broken pieces of your soul. I don’t know what is the reason for your unhappiness. Perhaps, people failed you, rejected you, they broke your heart for a blurred thought — they left you. And I am…

Draft #21

Ayoko nang Makita ka. Ayoko na. Dahil simula ng gabing iyon, Kung saan walang pag-aalinlangan mo akong niyakap, Noon din ang gabing nagpatunay na kailanma’y hindi mo ako makukuhang mahalin. Ayoko nang makita ka. Ayoko na. Dahil nakapapagod din pa lang maging manhid na sandalan ng pusong minsanang napapagal. Nakangangawit din pa lang maging balikat…

the Future

A new day begins my heart smiles within. I see you sitting there. As the music fills the air. you do what you usually do, Reading and sometimes writing. Rainbows of glitter and ray of light, Illuminates the Room it becomes so bright. with you I see… the future of me, walking along the path…

Veins and Arteries

I studied the nature of human veins. It is a system of blood vessels where the blood flows and it was tasked to transport the blood back to our hearts. Then I remember you. You are not the veins; however, you are the arteries. Your mission is to carry the blood whose rich in oxygen…