the ugly writers

Sa Susunod

Sana sa susunod ay ako nalang, ako nalang iyong magugustuhan mo. Ako na’lang iyong hanggang sa dulo ay makakasama mo. Hindi lang mula sa pagkamusmos kundi hanggang sa ikaw ay maging Lolo. Ako na’lang iyong pipiliin ng iyong puso. Ako lang ang siyang laging nasa tabi mo hanggang sa magwakas ating mundo.
the ugly writers

Looking Down On Me

Maybe the moon is looking down at me Convincing to be radiant as I can be Asking me to never take a rest And keep on doing my best
the ugly writers


Raindrops is a poem written by John Marc Cruz and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Terrible Ideas for the month of July.   Raindrops   Stuck, In the middle road. Sky’s discharging its emotion. And maybe I…

Meet Me

You told me of your dreams And I told you everything About joy and hurt and love gone dim You only smiled and pulled me near I still love that you were the one Who could chase away my fear
the ugly writers

The Sun

because when it comes to the sun to see its blaze its entrancing beauty its captivating form its comforting warmth its... it hell, it's all so worth it
the ugly writers

A Murder Of Reality

An unkindness in the lure a conspiracy craving more I cannot adapt, I’m sure! in this insanity I adore the murder of the flock the hands of the ticking clock I cannot tell if this is reality or if it’s not
the ugly writers


I still walk down lonely corridors hoping to find you on my next turn. You are never there waiting for me. I hear you whispering my name more often than I care to admit.