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It is creeping in like a shadow in the night The words I wanted to say remains like a still moonlight. Why do I feel heaviness inside of me? Why do I feel like I am going to burst like…
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People come People go People stay People leave Eventhough we badly want them to stay But, me? I wanted to stay for you. For your kisses For your hugs. For your warmth. And For your love. Please let me?
the ugly writers


I want to be a poet. But it seems poetry does not want me as her writer. I put my pen on the tattered paper of love, yet no words bleed — no words of affection and forgiveness exploit. It…


He’s a very attractive guy. He’s tall and lean. He’s the kind of guy who goes out and party all night. He’s the easy go lucky type. He can get any girl he wants. He has lots of friends who…
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F (riends) ONLY

If only opposites repel Then we wouldn’t feel stuck Like this. If only time is made of hollow blocks Then maybe we could cement To freeze this moment. If only ending comes first, Then we must skip it. Let’s just…
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What I Long

I long to laugh when you crack a lame joke, Even there’s nothing to laugh at, I will laugh with you, And even if I lost all my teeth, I’ll be there beside you just to laugh at anything. I…