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10 Reason you should visit Macau

Macau is a place that is full of different cultures. When you come to Macau, you will find that you can see so many different things there.

10 Reasons Why College Students Fail In Their Subject

Failure is the first step to success, as they say. If you don’t fail, then you wouldn’t succeed. Learn from your failures. After you learn from your failures, you have a better chance to change failure into success.

seven pinoy food

Seven Signature Pinoy Food

Seven Signature Pinoy Food Pinoys love to eat! Who doesn’t?! Whether casual or hardcore foodie, pinoy dishes have always been present in any given food lists here and abroad. So today, here are Seven signature pinoy dishes you should try!   Pancit Palabok   It is one of the best delicious noodle dishes in the…

My Legacy

When I asked people what is their first impression to me, most often they will say ‘I thought you are just like Lavinia inggitera.’


My introduction and legacy

I answer and face any questions and situations  that comes my way according to my belief.

Eating Knowledge

The poems are gone.
The light is dim.
The dogs are on the basement stairs and coming up.

Transportation theuglywriters


NAIA is the worst in the world, and we cannot be proud of that. How do we solve this? Either we move the International terminal out of Manila and make Clark the International Airport or we demolish NAIA, and build up a new one.

Three Stars and a Sun flag theuglywriters

Three Stars and a Sun

I am a Filipino, born from the land of heroes
Where wisdom flows from the highest source
Willing to commit lives in any kind of foes
We learn to walk, even my toes

Ramadan theuglywriters

China criticized over Ramadan

They’ll offer you food or water and if you don’t accept it, they will do it for you. Depending on your age or what you did in the past, they will send you to jail. China even banned people from searching any information about fasting and Islam on the internet.

Importance of Political Science for the Students

Communication has a powerful influence on politics and vice versa. We, students would able to communicate an understanding of political communication as a field of study within political science, specifically the major concepts and the general approaches it adopts to the study of the mass media of communications.

CULTURE: Being Forgotten?

Change is shaped by many factors. Cultural change occurs as communities and households respond to social and economic shifts associated with globalization, new technologies, environmental pressures, armed conflict, development projects, etc. Change also results from deliberate efforts to influence values through changes in the law or government policy, often due to pressure from civil society. There are many examples of efforts to influence attitudes about race relations, the rights of workers and the use of the environment, to name three areas in which cultural values shape behavior.

instrumento theuglywriters


Kelan kaya na ang solusyon ay kusang kakatok sa aking pintuan
At papapasukin nang buong hospitalidad na para bang bisitang galing sa ibang bayan
Pilipinas bumangon ka at tutulungan kita
Upang ang aking kabataan ay magkaroon ng halaga.