00:00 hours

00:00 Hours

I made it at 00:00.
Since there are no deafening sounds from monsters trying to destroy me. There is no light bulb forcing me to write about you. Lastly, I made it since my soul endures the pain without you.

Conjugating Verbs

Why We Didn’t Work Out. Dear You, I remember how we met. It was an unexpected and, at the time, totally unpleasant first encounter. I wasn’t expecting it though. You approached me and you started talking. I wasn’t listening though and I only answered when I had to cause in Read more…


Why do we put so much frantic effort into suppressing our most basic natural instincts? The one that hurts us the most is the emotional infidelity. Because the full palette of emotions we experience includes pain. And being dishonest leads to emotional war that happens inside ourselves. I wonder if Read more…


Time clicks as I wait, The hour ends before me take, Sitting, thinking, waiting, My mind escapes.   The day grows old as night passes, Anticipating, watching, staring, seeing, Yet, nothing. Silence begins the day, As morning comes without notice, Tears begin to fall, slowly.   The day moves on Read more…