New beginning of a dead end!

Yesterday, I needed a guy to work at my site urgently, like it was really really urgent for me to have one more guy before the next day’s morning otherwise I would have faced a great loss for no good. This one guy who already works with me already had a guy in his contact who was looking for some work lately. So I told my guy to come with me to the city later in the evening and introduce me to him.

Where Did You Fail Today?

My father used to ask me every dinner the question: “where did you fail today?” I thought it was an insane question. Instead of asking how was school or my day, this stressful question always pops out. It turns out to be a mind-setting questions for me not to get afraid of failing at something….



When I got home, those words that you said kept running in my mind until I fell asleep. Upon waking up, you were the first thing I remembered. I smiled. I am overwhelmed. I am always excited to come to work because of course, I will be seeing you again

The Ghost of You

“I’ve been a train wreck since you left. There are days when I swear I’m fine but then one trigger from you makes my hands shake so much that I spilled my coffee. I’m half insane here living with the ghost of you, the way you kiss my hands, your scent, your hands. You’ve left…

Human Heart by R

“The Human Heart works 24 hours a day. 7 days a week from the day you were born up until the day the person you love starts loving someone else.”   Credits to the owner of the post: R / [B]

Noon, Ngayon at sa Susunod na Panahon

Kung ang kamay ko ay kusang lumalapit sa mga kamay mo hahawakan mo ba ito? Kung ang paa ko ay sadyang sumusunod sa mga paa mo sasabayan mo ba ako? Para tayong hangin na kusang magpaparamdam ng lamig na nanunuot sa ating kalamnan at naghahanap ng init na papatay sa ginaw na ating nararamdaman. Kung…

One-Woman Resistance Movement to Hookup Culture

Meeting new people without exerting that much effort just yet is made easy; thanks to social media and dating apps where we take to. Men and women sign up for an account, create a profile, upload photos, and proceed with the fundamentals of online dating. Whatever setup both parties establish beyond the brief getting to know…

The Life of Your Own by Lee

I pity those people who are being pressured to do things in life based on what they saw on social media. You know, these typical posts of your friends travelling, posting extravagant things on posh places, how good looking their partner is, or even the environment from where they work. These posts induces anxiety for…

Tangled Up

I’m tangled up in a dream This suspension of consciousness I can’t seem to break free from I can’t do anything to resist. I’m tangled up in a dream Where you alight from that bus And I wait for you under the sun Then together we walk and soothe under the shade. I’m tangled up…