the ugly writers

Dream Job

All day at work I had that feeling, that something was wrong, creeping up behind me. I caught shadows moving in dark places. Sounds just below hearing, lights flashed in my periphery, small signal fires, warnings.

If I Were Alice Today

If I were Alice today, I would rewrite Alice in Wonderland to start not by Alice falling down a rabbit’s hole to be one where Alice stumbles upon an overly filtered plastic human with zero verbal and moral filters.

Wake up

What a cute and stupid dream. Wake up. No one remembers you.
the ugly writers

Mulberry Leaf

Lies are mulberry leaves placed to bury truth about the land. But those who survived will make truth survive the legend passed.
the ugly writers

Cedars’ Box

By the time the sun rose to its zenith, the nation had filled the box with all its tears, dreams, fears, and hurts. Then it smoothed its outer veneer with forgiveness' sandpaper removing differences' rough edges and grudges' sharp edges.
the ugly writers

Personal Format

Personal Format To find or lose yourself simply format or align your life to another’s path. To confuse yourself simply right or left align conducts to expectations’ math. Failure is justifying yourself amidst a hurtful decline. Why feed fire another…

the ugly writers

Winning, Losing and Loving Both

Somehow I really think I am a better person for the stupidity. Somehow it seems that if you don’t let your hair down once in a while and just give in to silliness you can never understand life. If you don’t laugh at reality, reality will laugh at you.

I Hate Myself

Making girls fall in love and then use them like a toy, leaving them when the need is done and satisfied, I can't even imagine such things. I am glad I am not one of those boys, but I hate being one now seeing the situation.


Somebody told me I am just jealous because it’s her you are always talking to. Whenever she’s around I am always being ignored. For you, she is the center of everything. For you, she is always the best. I feel…