the ugly writers


Madalas ang pananahimik ay senyales ng lubos na pagkabahala Pinipigil ang emosyong gusto ng makawala Ngumingiti kahit luha'y nahahalata At ikukubli ang lahat sa likod ng maskara
the ugly writers


Maybe it's time for us to accept that the world isn't just about you and me. But it's about those 7 billion people who's been struggling in life and been looking for their right ones. Maybe one of them belongs to us. Maybe they could be a better fit than we are to each other. Maybe it's time. Maybe it's time that I let you go and let you see another world… without me.
the ugly writers


The here and the now are more important than yesterday or tomorrow. Live the moment. Live for today. But there's still that voice he doesn't want to hear anymore. Too much trouble. Just too much trouble. Just leave it at that. Just leave it like that.
the ugly writers


With days that pass, every hug that you miss seems a great loss Like a prisoner in chains, or a culprit behind bars No nights go by without looking at the sky full of stars
the ugly writers

A Bowl of Tom Yum Soup

Inam can't take Anna's anger any longer. Inam tells her to think with a cool head. Inam tells Anna that Nivi bewitched Shirley with her fake smiles and sweet words. Anna agrees. Nivi is indeed her mother's daughter. Nivi is manipulative, shrewd, exploitive, cunning and deceptive just like her mother.
the ugly writers

La Vida

Life is meaningless, but humans can't accept that. They believed that if they didn't find the meaning, they would not be successful. They believed that without money, they can't do everything they want and be what they wanted to be.

Take Me

We've been driven apart, far too much. It's time to restart, and close this part -- maybe the only way is to go back.