Take Me

We've been driven apart, far too much. It's time to restart, and close this part -- maybe the only way is to go back.
the ugly writers


kahit madalas kinakapos ang kanyang hininga para dalhin ako sa iyo. nasaan ba ang tahanan? ilang ihip ng hangin ba ang tatangay sa isang dahon para makabalik sa paanan ng kanyang pinagmulan?
the ugly writers

Where’s The Exit, I Want to Leave

And the virus is heating up. Gathering momentum. It moves through life, one terrible headline at a time. The novel coronavirus worms its way into everything with every new, terrible record; the most new infections, the highest number of deaths.
the ugly writers


I woke up this morning and I don't feel like checking on you anymore. I just don't care what you wear, what you post on your social media accounts and I don't know why.
the ugly writers


I looked up in the sky and it's still gray I wonder if it's still going to be okay When I'm on the verge of breaking I know I needed to do anything Not to collapse after being humiliated To recover after being stabbed and get rejected