Angry(‘s) Thoughts On Relationships

Relationships are freaking hard. And it’s not because I’m necessarily speaking from experience. This is based purely on observation. Good relationships, bad relationships – all of them are HARD.

Musical Resolutions 2018 – “What We Not Finna Do.”

It’s a new year and you know what that means. The resolutions. The promises. The inevitable disappointment. Leaves be turning so much I start looking out for Aang.

An Open Letter to my Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend

I’m sorry for everything that’s happened, for I too, have had ended relationships without getting any proper closure from the guy was I with back then. I sympathize with you on that, but in light of the things that lead to you going your own ways, honestly, if I had to choose sides, I’d choose his side anytime.

Online Dating 101 theuglywriters

Online Dating 101: Getting a Smart Girl to Respond

Sometimes, for whatever strange reason, we find solace in online dating. But how does one effectively date online? Here are Margaux’ effective tips on getting a smart girl to respond.



When I got home, those words that you said kept running in my mind until I fell asleep. Upon waking up, you were the first thing I remembered. I smiled. I am overwhelmed. I am always excited to come to work because of course, I will be seeing you again



Siguro, sa tamang panahon, magkakasama rin tayo. Siguro. Siguro.


I never thought we’d ever reach this moment, he and I, here. We sat down on the cold grass, looked up at the sky to see the Supermoon.

Why I Adore My Married Life

I was branded the black sheep of the family. Like Marisse from Harping by a Pixie, I loathe family gatherings, our yearly reunions that suck the life out of me for a day, social parties that revolve around who is now earning more and the numbing wakes and funerals I am “required” to attend because people…

Better Latte than Ever

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I look for is a cup of coffee- and the first thought that pops in my mind is you. I don’t know which of the two is more responsible for making my heart jolt and perking me up for a new day. How will I…

5 Major Types of F*ckboys

Disclaimer: For mature audience only Probably the soundest dating mantra in the age of hook-up culture is, “no time for fuckboys”. And yet, because of the times we live in, we’re probably going to come across a fuckboy nine times out of ten. And unless we never want to have sex again, we may just…

Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes after sex: A love story

By theuglywriter

Learning the lesson of Humility, Honesty, and Love.

Learning the lesson of Humility, Honesty and Love

By The Feminine Pilgrimage