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The Grand Ball

SCENE: The Social Gathering Narration: Invitation for a fancy dinner party spread around the metro. Don Santiago de los Santos, one of the wealthiest people in town arranged the dinner party for all, he is known for being rich because he owns a lot of buildings and businesses around the Read more…

Importance of Political Science for the Students

Communication has a powerful influence on politics and vice versa. We, students would able to communicate an understanding of political communication as a field of study within political science, specifically the major concepts and the general approaches it adopts to the study of the mass media of communications.

CULTURE: Being Forgotten?

Change is shaped by many factors. Cultural change occurs as communities and households respond to social and economic shifts associated with globalization, new technologies, environmental pressures, armed conflict, development projects, etc. Change also results from deliberate efforts to influence values through changes in the law or government policy, often due to pressure from civil society. There are many examples of efforts to influence attitudes about race relations, the rights of workers and the use of the environment, to name three areas in which cultural values shape behavior.

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Kelan kaya na ang solusyon ay kusang kakatok sa aking pintuan
At papapasukin nang buong hospitalidad na para bang bisitang galing sa ibang bayan
Pilipinas bumangon ka at tutulungan kita
Upang ang aking kabataan ay magkaroon ng halaga.

Technological Changes in the Filipinos

Did technology teach us to be lazy, why? Because many of us are just searching and browsing ideas or somehow others ideas in our assignments, projects, and even in our daily activities. There are already machines that can do what people can do especially to us students, some of us are not using our own ideas and perspectives instead we use technology to gather them.

Suicide Prevention

They tell us that suicide is the greatest act of cowardice… that suicide is wrong; when it is quite obvious that there is nothing in the world to which every man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and person. –Schopenhauer   Suicide, it is the act Read more…

My Dear Child


My dear, stop for a while and think Look around you, and don’t ever blink Do you see now with your own eyes? Do you hear it now, with your own ears?
Come, my child, carefully listen To the howl of ways long forgotten Close your eyes, listen with your heart That is my voice being torn apart
Years ago, I once had been saved From the intruders, I’m once a slave Years after, I’m again a slave
From my own people I can’t be saved
With my last breath near on the line My dear child, wake up, wake up, its time Look around you and wisely per-pend

What have you done to your motherland?”