the ugly writers

La Vida

Life is meaningless, but humans can't accept that. They believed that if they didn't find the meaning, they would not be successful. They believed that without money, they can't do everything they want and be what they wanted to be.
the ugly writers

It Won’t End Here

And this is not where it ends, there is more. This life is mine to suffer, this is mine, this way alone. I don't know what my old soul has to learn from it. I don't know what my old soul did.
safe lock

Safe Lock

The woman let out a sigh as she watched her daughter trying to open the container. She shook her head and took the medicine from her little baby. “Yes, those are medicines. And they are locked because naughty children like you might drink them without permission.” She chuckled.


I’m tired. I want it all to end. I’m tired of baring my soul and getting rejection in return. I’m tired of feeling hate and anger and I’ve probably called each and every saint and higher being out there to…


Why does feelings grow and grow and you can’t do anything to stop it from evolving. Why do I feel unhappy whenever you shower them more attention and not even glancing at me. Why did you treat me so differently when it’s…