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Today, I am letting you go as I free myself from the phantom bond that binds us.

Learn To Ignore!

gnore those who are there just to criticise, As long as you're strong and know how to rise, The ridicule of others is nothing but words.
Our Hearts

Our Hearts

Our Hearts is a poem written and shared by John Krux to The Ugly Writers under the theme After The Storm for the month of June.   Our Hearts   And now, after countless memories, heartbreaks, and tears, the only…

Black and Blue

Sometimes in life loss internally is beyond self-pity and regret. Sometimes it is when you fail to see what others are eagerly and vigilantly working towards destroying in you.
the ugly writers

Selfish Love

The fact that I never cared scared me the most, The reality of my fears started with an I want you. What must you mean? I’m 6 ft above ground I should feel something right? My hands feel like I…

the ugly writers

Let go and walk away

You have walked away many times, even ran away from every bad decision, leaving this one behind will surely ease off the burden from your shoulders and most especially your heart.
the ugly writers

Blindfolded love

I believe that when people used to close their eyes And see who they really are within them That was the time when they started to shine. And begins to love... the purest love of loving themselves.


Through the years, we have been branded by our religious views, gender preference, skin color and body shape. We create standards for each other to be socially acceptable.

The Choices of Ignorance Part 2 of 2

When we do that, then we start Looking for alternatives and create them ourselves if need be. So there is always a choice. Just not choices we remember. Of course, in most cases, choosing that which we don't know, is a choice we don't want to make. It is typically an unpleasant choice. But it is a choice nonetheless.