the ugly writers

Now We Know

He shot three people, two of them died, one suffered such an awful wound his life will never be the same. The jury found him innocent of all charges. A lesson was learned, if you feel threatened you can shoot somebody. Even if you are someplace you shouldn’t be waving a rifle, which most people would probably find a little threatening.
the ugly writers

I did

When I looked into your eyes I didn't drown because it was deep It was shallow as nothing Yet your tears were overflowing
the ugly writers

Dark Skies

A solemn thundery growl came from above. Amongst the darkness, there's light. The light cuts the grey sky in half and shows the world its bravery.

Leaving You

By the time you read this, Things may not be the same, The sun might shine dimmer, And stars might earn the fame.
the ugly writers

Love and Poetry

Because of her, my heart knows whose lips- I've been dreaming of; because they tell me, he loves me as we share homes- our hearts filled with tomorrow's hopes.
the ugly writers


And tell me where's hope , That everyone is searching for, Is it hidden in caves, Or underneath the lights?