the ugly writers


Eventually, the scratching and pounding ceased. She waited for a few seconds in case of a surprise attack, but she heard none. Fear evaporating, she let go of the knob. All the pain and fatigue flooded through her body, making her collapse on the floor which didn’t offer much comfort.
the ugly writers


Hell always wants to go to detention just to see Heaven. Although Hell is a pain in the ass, he would always make Heaven smile whenever they meet at the detention.


THANK YOU A Short Story by LouAnn 7:20 a.m in my home, I still making a project of my classmate. I’m getting nervous ’cause it’s already late to go to school. I will be shy for coming late at school.…

the ugly writers

Pauwi Na

Araw-araw ganito tayo. Tatlumpung minuto nating binabaybay ang Ayala papuntang terminal ng UV Express. Ako ba-byahe papuntang Maynila, ikaw pa-Rizal. Tatlumpung minutong minsa’y tahimik, minsa’y maingay. Ngunit lagi, may kwento.

Flop (excerpt 1)

The first job I found when I moved here was handing out free newspapers to the public. I had to stand outside four to six hours a day. Rain or shine, mostly rain.

Flop (an excerpt)

Jennifer asked Brian if he wanted to hang out at her place after class. Her parents left for the city this morning to see Jennifer’s granny in the nursing home. Jennifer’s house had a rumpus room with a widescreen and…

Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay

Author’s note: This is a short story based on Sponge Cola’s song “Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay” from their 2011 album “Araw Oras Tagpuan”. I’ve written this around three years ago. Original post can be found on my Facebook account.) A…