Taong 2013 nang umuwi sa amin si papa para humingi ng tawad sa kanyang nagawa, lalong lalo na sa akin, dahil alam nyang sobra akong nasaktan sa ginawa nya, subalit nag matigas ako, hindi ko sya pinatawad

I Hate Myself

Making girls fall in love and then use them like a toy, leaving them when the need is done and satisfied, I can’t even imagine such things. I am glad I am not one of those boys, but I hate being one now seeing the situation.


You’re on your usual quiet morning. You’re already either busy with work or still ogling over the latest news on the internet. Enter one of your workmates. A short distance separates you and the office entrance, and you hear workmate greet the security with a “Good morning!” at the top Read more…