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But maybe it’s better to not know what the real reason is than to know that there’s nothing at all. And so, as I rode this train which reminded me of that day, I’m letting go of my what-ifs and giving up on trying to find the reasons in our break up that has now just become a memory I’d never want to remember again.
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Raindrops is a poem written by John Marc Cruz and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Terrible Ideas for the month of July.   Raindrops   Stuck, In the middle road. Sky’s discharging its emotion. And maybe I…

A Wrong Move

They say that when you are playing chess, you should study your moves well. Otherwise, it would be a checkmate! And this is how exactly the Philippine government feels with our current situation, the lockdown because of the pandemic, that is Covid-19.
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Di ko alam kung bakit sa simple mong ngiti akoy masaya.. Masaya ako lalo na pag boses mo aking napapakinggan.. napapakinggan mo ba ang bawat tibok ng puso ko sa tuwing... ako ay nahuhulog sa iyo??
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Yesterday is gone

I should never look back again and cry This is the best for me if I don't wish to die Past is done and shall never be repeated Present is here and this is what I needed
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Just sing a happy song in public With words you can't recall Even if it's all wrong. What with the secret heartache You carry within Forget about him and move on Never look back
the ugly writers

QuaranFLING – The New Normal

Personally, I think quaranFLING is a terrible concept (as most of the concepts of modern dating are), but it is important that we do some self-reflection before complaining about it. Because honestly, as much as I hate the concept, I am guilty of participating and enjoying it too. I, too, have been talking to some people just because I am bored, without any intention of escalating it into something more.