An Open Letter to my Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend

I’m sorry for everything that’s happened, for I too, have had ended relationships without getting any proper closure from the guy was I with back then. I sympathize with you on that, but in light of the things that lead to you going your own ways, honestly, if I had to choose sides, I’d choose his side anytime.
the ugly writers

Used to

​   I stare blankly on people’s faces Everything now is alien to me I see hallow words written and saidUsed to think I’m good at those I eat lasagna and I cry insideWhat a stupid way of eating such…

Sleeping with eyes wide open

​I ruined a good thing Why am I not surprised? I am used to getting sleepless waiting for your messages– when I get lucky, your voiceNow I am just sleepless –  staring at your inbox– but don’t have the guts,…