the ugly writers

I’m Allergic to People

Sometimes when I explore these things in my mind I feel like I'm torturing myself 'coz I couldn't care less. All these years I have been a brain of many thoughts.
the ugly writers

Time Lapse

Pull out that photograph. Do you see the faded dots of tears all over your face? Can you count the number of dots or how many times each dot was remade on that photograph? Stop. Your train has arrived.

I Hate Myself

Making girls fall in love and then use them like a toy, leaving them when the need is done and satisfied, I can't even imagine such things. I am glad I am not one of those boys, but I hate being one now seeing the situation.


Why do we put so much frantic effort into suppressing our most basic natural instincts? The one that hurts us the most is the emotional infidelity. Because the full palette of emotions we experience includes pain. And being dishonest leads…


Time clicks as I wait, The hour ends before me take, Sitting, thinking, waiting, My mind escapes.   The day grows old as night passes, Anticipating, watching, staring, seeing, Yet, nothing. Silence begins the day, As morning comes without notice,…


I stand in the middle of a field Endless tall greens surround me I feel the cool chill of the wind brush on my face I close my eyes and hear the leaves whisper I have no clue where to…