Winter’s Footprint

Time burrows with horrors laying dormant behind icy mirrors. Loneliness echoes from regret's bellows. rustling memories’ leaves tumbling like dominoes.

Measuring Time

It is no surprise why people have been fascinated with measuring time for decades. It is the thing that gets us through the day. Maybe Bob Dylan was on to something when he warned us “the times they are a changing’.”
the ugly writers

Time And Space and Lunch

Time is not actually a constant.  It is a variable, it takes longer for some time to go by, while other time just zooms past.  Looking back that would explain a lot.


I am fitness blogger, but I also write poetry on the side. I have never shared my poetry publicly before, but I figured why not. So, here is one of many poems that I’ve written. Thank you for taking the…

Conjugating Verbs

Why We Didn’t Work Out. Dear You, I remember how we met. It was an unexpected and, at the time, totally unpleasant first encounter. I wasn’t expecting it though. You approached me and you started talking. I wasn’t listening though…


Time clicks as I wait, The hour ends before me take, Sitting, thinking, waiting, My mind escapes.   The day grows old as night passes, Anticipating, watching, staring, seeing, Yet, nothing. Silence begins the day, As morning comes without notice,…

Sa aking pagtalikwas 

Marahil isa ito sa mga bagay na mahirap gawin ngunit ano nga ba ang aking magagawa? Tila panahon at kapalaran na ang siyang nagpapahayag na daralita na ang pagtalikwas natin sa isat’ isa.  Sa loob ng mahabang panahon nabuhay ako…


​Time is fleeting…  The exact words ring truth.  Because losing a loved one when you least expect it will make you regret every single time you didn’t say I love you.  You’ll regret the time when you partied and dated…