The Holiday Inn – Ortigas

There are few occasions where I just want to stretch my legs, relax and forget the world. The stay at the Holiday Inn did just that.  It was my birthday so the missus and a friend of ours planned an overnight stay at this gorgeous hotel. Once there, we knew on the spot that we’d […]

The Bugana Beach Resort –...

    Fresh from Bacolod airport, the three of us managed to grab a cab and then, a bus ride to Sipalay. And when things aren’t tiring enough, we ended up looking at three motorbikes that is supposed to bring us to the resort. On a regular day, it would’ve been exciting to ride behind a bike but […]

The M Hotel – Singapore

The folks busy updating their friends and colleagues on Facebook, because well, parents  😛 .   It was a last minute getaway with the family. With that, the missus (a fellow TripAadvisor reviewer) was the designated planner. She booked us a flight for six and reserved 3 couples’ room. My dad was hesitant as the […]

Pearl Farm – Davao

Each year we lavish on a trip beyond our budget. Pearl Farm Davao didn’t disappoint. The moment we got there, we were greeted by the welcoming committee with songs and drinks, for a second there I thought I was in Hawaii. The trip going there was already worth it. Then came our first chance to […]