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My breakup story

My Breakup Story is written by Earl Matthew Fontillas and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Oh Snap! for the month of August   My Breakup Story   Among many different things I have tried in my life,…

What’s Real

Everyone has a happy ending in fairytales but in reality, life isn’t good at all times, it is like a roller coaster there are many ups and downs. Some days, I was the moon who would light you up in a dark and most days I’m just an eclipse waiting for someone to light up my gloomy night.
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Never Give Up

I've carried this along the way. It was hard for me knowing that I don't have anyone to share with. But since you are my little buddy, I choose to open up to you than to anyone.
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The Person She Wants To Be

She was raised in a fresh air place, Taught to live with values and strengths. Being brave and can stand by herself, Also taught by her loving parents. She is a jolly person, but sometimes a fragile one. She is…

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Dear Self

Dear self, I know you're thankful Not only for the blessings you have But also for still standing and fighting Trusting that what you started You will surely finish it.
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Spend it like you mean it

I was addicted to gadgets. From smartphones to cameras,  phone accessories to personal computers and gaming consoles. I was in an exciting yet dangerous freefall. I only realized it when I maxed out my credit card.


Through the years, we have been branded by our religious views, gender preference, skin color and body shape. We create standards for each other to be socially acceptable.