the ugly writers

3AM Tales

And somehow the only happiness we found was being beside each other, talking and laughing..until it was 3 in the morning.
The Otherwise

The Otherwise

You kept me hanging. I hate you for ensuring your power over me. You got addicted to the controlling power you have over me. Maybe I was just a convenience to you. However, you know that you can do everything that you want with or without me.

Better Latte than Ever

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I look for is a cup of coffee- and the first thought that pops in my mind is you. I don’t know which of the two is more responsible for…


Somebody told me I am just jealous because it’s her you are always talking to. Whenever she’s around I am always being ignored. For you, she is the center of everything. For you, she is always the best. I feel…


Why does feelings grow and grow and you can’t do anything to stop it from evolving. Why do I feel unhappy whenever you shower them more attention and not even glancing at me. Why did you treat me so differently when it’s…