the ugly writers

Hope Springs Eternal

He looked a sad, stooped over, carrying a small, compact parcel of disappointment. Gravity was a little more efficient where his feet fell. He seemed to get shorter with each step.

Lessons from a Penguin

On my last training ride on the Cannon Valley Trail, the web site said it was 20 miles one way, but my odometer said it was 30.  It looked like 30; it felt like 30, and I wanted it to be 30, but I was wrong.  When facts point in one direction, and your opinion points in the opposite direction, you would be wise to yield to the facts.

Pearl Farm – Davao

Each year we lavish on a trip beyond our budget. Pearl Farm Davao didn’t disappoint. The moment we got there, we were greeted by the welcoming committee with songs and drinks, for a second there I thought I was in…