Lonely Claim

I am your time that is up
Your story that’s come to an end
Your regrets and words unsaid.
Your what ifs and maybes.
Your whys and cries.
Your hows and tries.
Your breaking point and last stand.
Your surrender and longest slumber.

Casa la Cuenta

Mama, paano na ako?
tila bulag sa aking buong pagkatao,
Papa, hindi po,
kailanman ako’y hindi nagloko,
maawat man lang sa mga katagang nakaloloko,
hindi lahat ng kamalian ay kabilang ako.

The Unfortunate Virgin

I’m not sorry that I’m not sexually experienced, I made this choice to wait and I’m happy with that. I’m sorry that you believe for you to have a relationship with a woman she needs to be sexually experienced.