the ugly writers

And We Call You…

  For decades we have been waiting, There on the shore, There on the floor, To feel your coolness, To feel your silence, To let we embrace you, Indeed we all love you, Indeed we all need you, So, bestowed…



When you brace for the impact You don’t experience the whole effect Your muscles tighten and eyes squint Hands balled into fists Feet press down on invisible brakes You hurt yourself more than anything Maybe you should embrace the impact…

the ugly writers


The Criminal   I heard They killed you Shot you in the head Three times They felt Just one was not enough To vent the hatred they had nursed A long time I heard…… They buried you, Somewhere far Hid…

the ugly writers


But even if her gaze was just as fuzzy as his She can still see How wonderful he is His face His grace His smile His dimples His mannerisms


And as the fires swallowed my cries I opened my eyes to face life’s lies. I closed my heart and gave up tries for a prize: to accept failures without whys and be wise to break ties and move in smaller gyres to avoid fires and flat tires caused by familiar mires.
girls who refuse to die

Girls Who Refuse to Die

It’s not about those voiceless victims of patrimony who were throttled before they could utter a sound It’s about those who are treated as trophies   wrapped in silks, dripping with diamonds
When a Woman's Heart Hurt

When A Woman’s Heart Hurts

Against my will, the salty tears assaulted my cheeks as quickly as I could wipe them away. I just needed a good cry. I needed to dispel all this hurt and just move on. I wasn't sure I could do this. Another gulp of air and a sob caught in my throat.