Flop (excerpt 2)

Our waiter brought my plate before anyone else’s. Slices of yellow and green tomatoes with some sort of bland white cheese between them, a sneeze of olive oil with some oregano.

Flop (excerpt 1)

The first job I found when I moved here was handing out free newspapers to the public. I had to stand outside four to six hours a day. Rain or shine, mostly rain.

Flop (an excerpt)

Jennifer asked Brian if he wanted to hang out at her place after class. Her parents left for the city this morning to see Jennifer’s granny in the nursing home. Jennifer’s house had a rumpus room with a widescreen and…

City & Country

Every now and then he’ll blow 200 bucks on CDs in Edmonton, they’re just noise, why doesn’t he like Metallica and AC/DC like the rest of us? He’ll go thru jobs like socks, says he either gets bored or pissed off at the boss. Most of us work at Esso or A&W.