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James Walton

James Walton was a librarian, a farm labourer, and mostly a public sector union official. He is published in numerous anthologies, journals, and newspapers. His collections include 'The Leviathan's Apprentice' , 'Walking Through Fences', and 'Unstill Mosaics', and 'Abandoned Soliloquies'. He has been shortlisted for the ACU National Literature Prize, The MPU International Prize, Jupiter Artland, The James Tate Prize, The William Wantling Prize, and is a winner of the Raw Art Review Chapbook Prize.


the ugly writers
Now that she is halfway here, the distance decreases and, the giant saucer of the horizon doesn’t reach in, but flips itself knowingly.

Roman Baths

the ugly writers
in the sleuth of your back these separate rooms as breathing needs sleep not to tell the children of this old ruin you and me

Getting Stuffed in the Valley

the ugly writers
He has only a fifty, offers to buy a coffee to break it for the cash register. Damian takes the coffee, gives Bryce his change. The U2 video is playing over and over again. A fire inspector walks in, wanting the key for the side lane to check the hose closet.