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The Luxury Pay Toilet Movement

the ugly writers
The “One, Two, Three Deluxe Pay Toilets” which although cost more than most other pay toilets was distinguished by its cleanliness, attendants, extra soft wiping paper, newspapers and magazines in every stall, a small buffet supper, moisturizing cream, lounge slippers, and an ingenious system of pricing that pay toilet companies had until his time not thought of; discounting, depending on what your business was.


the ugly writers
I remember being four years old and Mom making up her and Dad’s’ tremendous king-size bed. I would get on the mattress, and she would put the sheet over me, then the blanket, and then kill me with her long ticklish fingernails, and smother me with a “squeeze and breeze, and all of the trees”. Not to mention all the liberal kisses that she bestowed on me.