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Trial and error photography: Boracay , Philippines -2011. One thing I enjoy alot is travelling, it gives you the opportunity to see beautiful places and it is a form of stress reliever. Escaping the busy streets of the metro, the…


Trial and error photography: What if there is a buzzer for us that will constantly alarm whenever we do something that can harm us or even harm anyone?! Would you still do it for fun, adventure and gratification?! Or not…

Green Portrait

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Trial and error photography: Find peace in nature, where the trees welcomes us for healing, comfort and protection. Would it be nice seeing more greens in these busy spaces of the metro.

Memory box

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I have a box full of memories of you Memories that kept me sane in a world full of insane It brought me happiness and it makes me better In times of sadness and in times of despair Memories of…