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Blue Gray Haze

Blue Gray Haze   

(Written in the wake of Charlottesville & North Korean Nuclear threat)

It’s a blue gray haze that descends on today

uncivil war echoes puncture a seam

of post-racial veneers and myopic dreams

sunlight washes out and resolves

surreal shadows and lawless scenes

sacking Southern statues and faded dreams

with malice towards some and charity for none

erasing the order of history

to re-litigate . . .  yesterday or today?

power politic withholds it’s police

promoting their spectacle for all to see

coaxing hate out of its holes

to join the insane

in their deadly crazed video games

played with unreal deadly disdain

in guilt and fear we turn away

from an uneasy time and perilous space

the grass grows a yellow crown

of promises to let us down

but the distraction of  destruction

leaves us amorphous, lost and broken

and while we recoil

from an American bad dream

the insects wonder

when they will get their planet back