My Friend the Wind

My Friend the Wind

My friend the Wind-

is a lady who changes-

personas with every dress!

You can hear her voice-

go up and down with-

every lapel and pleat!

Chagrined about her coif-

she turns into a dust devil.

Ginned again with heels-

behold the tempest she is!

Whiffled with flattery-

she lightens up a breeze!

Behold the wimple of-

gale the winker!

Strap her in a corset-

she’ll show you a tornado!

Demand a selfie and you’ll

find yourself in a typhoon!

Sirocco is her fetching beau

with his clouds of dust and sand!

She cries tears of heavy rain-

in winter, and that’s a monsoon!

Leave her cold and dry-

and she’ll give you a mistral!

Take her for a ride in your new-

wheels and she will tail you!

Leave her behind your ride-

and she will bang ahead!

Critique her dress and she will-

whirl you up, behold a twister!

My friend the wind is a lady-

both zephyr and shrew!


Author notes:

Let’s learn about the wind in a didactic poem using scientific definitions via the wind personified as a woman. Thanks for reading!

Impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy.

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